* Butch will be presenting at ALES THROUGH THE AGES, at Colonial Williamsburg in November 2022! (This year’s event was postponed.) Stay tuned for details.
against all hops book

Against All Hops features stories and recipes for botanical beers that are brewed without hops for distinct, unusual and invigorating flavors. These techniques are presented by Butch Heilshorn who for years brewed these ancient styled ales (gruits) weekly at Earth Eagle Brewings in Portsmouth, NH which he co-founded in 2012. Check out what some international beer experts had to say about AAH here.


This back-to-the-future brew book features recipes employing roots, leaves, flowers and fruits from a host of different plants Heilshorn has used to flavor beer. From Spring through Fall, Earth Eagle employs forager Jenna Rozelle to harvest these plants from local woods, swamps and seasides to create beer that provides an expression of locale; a reflection of time and place.


Home brewers and professionals looking to satisfy the palates of ever more adventurous and discerning drinkers, can expand their horizons and push their brewing to new places with these bold and invigorating flavors. But you don’t have to be a brewer to enjoy this book! Any beer enthusiast will appreciate the history and lore of the plants and beer styles in each chapter. This book features 12 main recipes plus a myriad of variations and suggestions, with 60 gorgeous photographs by James Jay Fortin.


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