Here’s to Beer: The History and Production of the World’s Favorite Drink. Tuesday March 12, 2019, 6:30pm at the Laconia NH Public Library.

Come and learn about the ancient origins of beer, how it’s made, it’s important role in American History and how to brew your own beer at home! Join pro brewer Butch Heilshorn (Earth Eagle Brewings) and history professor Dr. Emerson Baker (Salem State University) for a fun and lively presentation on what medieval monks called their “liquid bread.”

Brewing Without Hops: Back to the Future of Botanical Brewing. Homebrew Con 2019, June 28th, Providence RI.

Folks from around the world have been brewing beer for thousands of years and for most of that time, GULP, hops were not used! Join brewer, brewpub owner and author of “Against All Hops” Butch Heilshorn for a jaunt down the wonderful wormhole of botanical brewing. Learn it’s rich history, discover what other plants are beer-friendly and learn how to use them in wonderful brews called gruits. Almost any style of beer can be re-invented as a gruit by using plants like alecost, mugwort, dandelion and sweet fern to name just a few. Come and step-up your brew-game by going back to the future!