Is there anybody out there?

It’s been a little over a year since my book dropped. Not 100% sure but guessing a 1/3rd of the initial 5200 copies are in circulation by now. This is my first book rodeo and I’m not sure if I should be pleased with where it’s at or not. One thing that would really make my day is some feedback from some other pro-brewers. Sure, lots of congrats that I did it but actual down-and-dirty feedback from folks who actually read has been super rare thus far. Did it seem worth reading? Find any new information? Brewed a botanical beer as a result?

Love to hear from home brewers too, that feedback has been much more frequent which is wonderful. Some folks loved it, actually tried some of the recipes and were pretty darn effusive about it–yes!

Well, now I’ve got a contact page so if you’d rather not contribute to the ever-growing world domination of the big “A,” shoot me an email and maybe I’ll put yer words up on the site. Any feedback, positive or otherwise, general or specific is muchly appreciated.